Prorisk Training for Individuals

Insurance Brokers and Agents

Who these videos are for:

Any single individual who works for an organization that provides insurance brokerage or administration services for employer group plans.


  • Insurance Brokers
  • Insurance Agents
  • Third Party Administrators.

ProBind Quote Process

This is a video designed for Insurance Brokers to understand on how to get a quote using the ProBind application.

Health And Civil Liability - Medical Malpractice

Health and Civil Liability Insurance product offering.
Medical Malpractice Insurance product offering.

Sole Trader and Partnership Management Liability

Management Liability was traditionally a product designed to cover the specific management exposures of a small to medium sized private company. But most small businesses aren’t structured as a private company. This left a huge part of the Australian small business landscape uninsured, or underinsured.
Until now, their options for purchasing Management Liability insurance have been limited. ProRisk have developed the Sole Traders & Partnerships Policy to address the uninsured exposures of businesses structured as a sole trader or partnership.

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